Song of The Wild

Selected by Colin Paul Gibson, 2015.

Welcome to “Song Of The Wild”, an anthology of bushwalkers’ poetry and light verse; companion to “Sing With The Wind” (published by Envirobook in 1989). Like its forerunner, “Song Of The Wild” contains a generous selection from a century of writing by bushwalkers and nature lovers, celebrating bushwalking and the experience of places unspoiled by the march of progress.  Many of the writers who featured in “Sing With The Wind” also feature here, including J. Le Gay Brereton, Kath McKay, Bernie Peach, Roland Robinson and Ted Hartley. Poems by pioneer Mountain Trails Club men Myles Dunphy and Roy Davies (to whom the book is dedicated) also appear.  More recent contributors include Ellen Miller, Tom Hayllar, Morag Ryder and Tony Holgate.  175 pages.

 Illustrated by Lloyd Jones.

A sample of Poems from Song of the Wild

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ISBN 978-0-9803145-3-3